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It's a leap year! Did you know that the leap year is designed to synchronize the calendar year with the solar year? It takes the Earth about 365.25 days to complete its orbit around the Sun. Therefore, an extra day is added to February every 4 years to compensate for this and stay synchronized with the Sun. 

A leap year or leap day is a good time to think about synchronization in your life. Is there anywhere in your life you feel out of sync? Perhaps take a little time to think about where you would like to feel more synchronization in your life and determine how to line up with it. 

I feel most grounded when I am connected to the Earth and in sync with Nature...listening to the wind gently blowing the trees, a trickling waterfall, birds calling, watching the clouds pass, feeling the sun on my face, the grass beneath my bare feet...these things instantly connect me to myself and I feel a profound synchronization with the world around me, physically & vibrationally. I use this energy to fuel me in my daily routines.

How do you stay connected with yourself and synchronized with the world around you? I would love to hear. <3